What makes Limeira a good city to invest?

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First, watch the video provided by Limeira City Council:

Write about:

In your opinion, what makes Limeira a good city to invest?

You can write to convince companies to invest (why should BMW bring their business Limeira?) or persuade other workers to invest their careers in the city (why should you work in the city and not move away?).

Bring the assignment to one of our Monitorias de Aprimoramento. You can also send your text to contato@bluepine.com.br. Our team will check your composition based on these criterias:

  • Task completion: The task is fully completed and the answer is easy to understand.

  • Grammar: The student uses appropriate structures to achieve the task.

  • Vocabulary: The student uses a sufficient range of words and phrases to communicate the message clearly.

Work hard!

See you soon :)

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