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Atualizado: 21 de jan. de 2020

Hello everybody!

Neste post você encontra frases e informações úteis do nosso workshop "English for Job Interviews".


Why do they ask that question?

1. They want to see how you react to a question asked casually

2. They want to get a feel for what you deem to be “important”


  • Soft Skills + examples

Candidate A

I’m a very creative person. Everyone says so. I love being creative! I’m probably the most creative person in my family.


Candidate B

I’m creative. When we had problems tracking orders in my current job, I designed a new spreadsheet to help us see exactly when orders were placed and processed.

  • Rehearse

  • Keep it short. 90 seconds at most.


  • Translate from Portuguese (simplify your sentences)

  • Mention personal information (marital status, children, political or religious affiliations, etc.)

  • Summarize your resume word for word

  • Tell your life story

Suggestion of script:

1. Who you are (professionally);

2. Expertise highlights (with examples);

3. Why you’re here.

Simple answer (with simple sentences):

(1) I’m an Education Director and I have worked in education for 15 years. I started out as a teacher, was promoted to Pedagogical Coordinator, and a few years ago I became an Education Director. I have many certificates in the education and business admin areas. I also attend education congresses every semester and I like to maintain a strong network with people in this area.

(2) I’m organized and dependable. I plan my semester, months and weeks and share that with my coworkers. They always know what I’m doing. But I know how to improvise and work well under pressure too – I always set some time apart to deal with unexpected situations.

(3) I believe this experience and training has prepared me to take the next step and pursue a managing position with ABC School.


  • We use it to talk about experiences

  • HAVE + Past Participle

  • Since & For

  • Started in the past and continues

  • I've... / Yes, I have. / No, I haven't.

I worked for Blue Pine (in 2015).


I have worked for Blue Pine (since 2015).

I have never cheated on an exam.

I have never fallen asleep in a meeting.

I have never lied about myself in an interview.

Where have you worked before?

Have you ever done any voluntary work?

Have you studied other languages?

SWOT of you


  • I expect to (become a manager in a few years)

  • I hope to (work beyond your expectation)

  • I intend to (prepare for my MBA next year)

  • I plan to (to be on a career path that will lead to a supervisory position)

  • I want to (be an automotive industry expert in the future)

  • I'd like to (be a very successful leader one day)


Practice, record yourself, network with others.


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