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Caio Terra Modern Jiu Jitsu Download Torrent




It was developed by Caio Terra at his academy in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), and includes teaching by Caio himself, and one or two of his students at the academy. The five DVDs are two hours each. DVD set content The program includes: • Basic exercises in order to train speed, mobility, and position. • The “Fully Engaged Front Headlock” or “Caio Terra Mixed Positioning”. • The “Five Intermediate Platforms” or “Five Planes”. • The “Reverse Mount” or “Rolling Mount”. • The “Basic Side Mount” or “One Inch Mount”. • The “Intermediate Mount”. • The “Three Intermediate Positions”. • The “Brazilian Choke”. • The “De La Riva Arm-Bar Neck Cradle”. • Some physical conditioning, and closing remarks. The DVD set includes two manuals: the first is the manual that is included in the DVD, and the second is a 48 page manual that is available separately, for free. The "Fully Engaged Front Headlock" or "Caio Terra Mixed Positioning" The fully engaged front headlock, or the mixed positioning is a 5 step sequence. It includes the following steps: • The "Foundation" (founding position). • The "Head Over Shoulder" (Heidel). • The "Half Squat" (Cuban). • The "Mixed Back Throw" (Half Guard). • The "Reverse Hip Escape" (Back Escape). The half squat or "Cuban" is a 5 step sequence: • The "Stance" (wider than normal). • The "Deflection". • The "Rear Kick" (trailing leg kick). • The "L-Loop" (pronation of the foot, and rotation of the foot on the inside of the hip joint). • The "Swing" (opening of the leg). The rear kick or "trailing leg kick" is a 4 step sequence: • The "Forward", with the leg as the target. • The "Reach" (lifting the knee). • The "




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Caio Terra Modern Jiu Jitsu Download Torrent
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